Tuyen Chau Georgia Gwinnett College Graduation GGC
Tuyen Chau Meadowcreek High School Graduation MHS

Credential Dictation

I designed my website over a year ago after taking a web design elective course a semester prior to its launch. Everyone was surprised and questioned whether or not I actually coded my website from scratch because I didn’t study computer science in college as well as reasons combined with other opinions they have of me--

my gender, what they view of my alma mater (which makes them view less of me), how they’ve always felt superior to me for whatever reason that makes them feel entitled, or always being negative by trying to find flaws in others to make them feel better about themselves.

How do I know this? Aside from the times when they admit the truth about how they underestimate me, when the topic of my website comes up, people would ask me, "So what program did you use to make your website?" ... "Notepad." After my response, some would look confused so I'd explain further that I wrote out the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes on Notepad. After that, some would be silently in disbelief while others would respond, "So you really did make it from scratch," still in disbelief.

You don't need a degree or certificate to obtain any skills or to learn anything new after graduating or during your education. We've been taught to get an education and that whatever we study is what we'll only become. Even with degrees, there are plenty of "professionals" who do not live up to their credentials. We've been fed into believing this process and claims that it's the correct method of living.

The U.S. school system is majorly flawed. Students are only memorizing and being unnecessarily competitive. Competition doesn't promote effective learning, it only increases the reliance on results, which is the importance of winning. Winning includes entitlement, reputation, power, and money, which is emphasized as the most important things in this world. Competition demoralizes students when they don’t obtain said results. Ergo, all of these principles regarding education only fill up people’s pride and successfully convinces the majority of the population that their education (later their job and income) is their whole identity and they’re lucky if they achieve a degree and work at an indoor office job, so that means they should become complacent and shouldn’t try to improve themselves anymore.

In this kind of lifestyle, we can only wait until the moment where we get the chance to be happy. In the process prior to that result, we have to work on gaining credentials, try not to stray from that path, even if it means we allow it to dictate how we live.

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